Tidy Studio

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“Well that’s one corner of the studio tidied up. No, honestly that IS tidy. No, I won’t show you photos of how it was before I started. Anyway it has clearly been tidied because there is a flat surface with nothing on it, where a guy might actually be able to work. Now to tackle the rest of it.”

My workshop can become extremely cluttered at times.

That is usually due to having at least two or three projects on the go at any one time. Being at different stages each project involves different tools and materials, all of which are used daily in rotation.

In amongst this, new ideas are occurring, for which sketches must be made and reference books must be referred to. Personal ongoing projects also share this space, essential practice pieces that hone the techniques that will be called into play on some future carved or painted commission. In a small space, this build up of books, paper, paint, brushes, pens, wood carving tools, half finished carvings etc. can get quite tricky, so once in a while a big purge of clutter becomes necessary.

It feels great when it’s done…..but it doesn’t last long.
I have periodically tried to work differently over the years, but my mind moves faster than my hands, so there is always an accumulation of jobs spread around the studio at any given time.