From our studio in rural Cornwall we send signs across the UK and all around the world. We also make signs for local companies here in South-west England.

Our experise in the rare art of hand painting, lettering and carving pictorial signs has established the company with a respected international voice.

We use an exterior paint system base with signwriters’ enamels, then varnish with a high UV protection finish to protect still further from the weather.

Signature Signs also offers an environmentally-friendly, traditional alternative. Linseed oil paint was for centuries the only paint used on buildings and signs throughout Britain and Europe. It has impressive credentials for longevity and weather protection. We are conducting ongoing research into its use in a modern context, and the results are extremely promising. Please contact us for further information.

Our guiding principle is that signs on the front of the building are the first point of contact with  customers. As such, they should elevate your image and welcome the public inside. A well-designed and hand-rendered sign gives a very good first impression.

Andrew has dedicated his life to his creative work. Using brush, pen and chisel, he is an illustrator, artist, designer, sign painter and carver. His work can be seen on TV & film, advertising pubs & businesses and decorating homes across the world.

He formed Signature Signs Ltd in 1998 after picking up a specialist sign-making contract with St. Austell Brewery.

Signature Signs - Andrew Grundon