Whether the classically elegant incised and gilded letters on a fascia sign, or the intricate high relief carving of an armorial, a carved sign literally adds another dimension to your signage. Carved in wood or PU board they can be used indoors or outside.

No design is too complex to replicate in relief, and the finish ranges from natural wood through gilded or metallic finish to full colour. 

Both armorials here were hand carved in Urethane for the Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich. The first is a double sided swing sign, and the more complex design is Nelson’s armorial bearings. The Nelsom medallion was for the same client. These are part of an ongoing project where the initial carvings are used to make moulds from which replicas will be cast, hand painted and gilded.

The Western Hotel letters are incised and gilded with 23ct gold on a painted wooden fascia sign about 5 metres long.

Signature Signs - Gold leaf