Pullman Crest

Pullman crestThe incessant rain is hammering from a leaden sky onto the roof. Inside deep shadows and warm golden light make the studio the only place to be on a day like this. With a new exciting project on the bench I have all I need.

I have been commissioned to paint a new version of the iconic Pullman crest, synonymous with luxury rail travel worldwide.

The original artwork from which their crest is reproduced has been lost, and all attempts to digitally touch up their remaining blurry reference failed to achieve the crisp, authentic finish required.

Consequently they called on me to repaint it in the traditional way for reproduction on all future applications.

It wasn’t easy working from very poor reference, but with time and drawing on my past experience I eventually teased out the necessary details.

It’s quite an honour to be associated with a brand as universally recognized for their tradition of quality as Pullman.